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We specialize in start up businesses both rental and Family Entertainment Centers.
Our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist you in launching or expanding your inflatable business.

If you've ever dreamed of owning a fun, profitable business, the inflatable rental business is just what you’ve been waiting for! Birthday parties, special events, daycare centers,fundraisers, grand openings, fairs, festivals, farmers markets, churches, camps,boys/girls scouts and schools,are only a few organizations that will be requesting your services, to bring thrills and excitement to kids of all ages..

Whether they’re called jumpers, bouncers, moon walks, bounce houses, or spacewalks, this rental market is limitless! If your search for the right business is just beginning, take a little time and ask yourself the following: 

 Do you want a part time business with a full time income?
 Do you want a business that can bring you a return on your investment within months?
 Do you want to own a business that is easy to run with low overhead and high income?
 Do you want to own a business that easily builds a fantastic referral and repeat customer base?


We specialize in start ups and know which combination of inflatable units to present to you specifically for your demographic.
Our success is measured by your success.
Our focus is not to sell you inflatable products but in becoming your partner in this highly lucrative business.
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